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If you're looking for a wonderful, loving family dog with exceptional hunting skills, we have what you're looking for.

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Our dogs lineage come from the old classic gentlemen's foot hunting Ryman type bloodlines. They have great character, intelligence, are affectionate and make superior hunting companions as well as a family pet.  They are well trusted and exceptional with children.  ALL of our breeding dogs are OFA.  Our dogs are registered with FDSB and AKC. 
We are upland hunters and hunt all of our dogs on wild birds.  Come hunt with us!
All of our dogs have a strong desire to hunt and they hunt at a close range.  Beirl's English Setters also retrieve!  We travel alot so they have been exposed to and have hunted a variety of wild birds.  We have been very selective on the Setters we raise and bring into our home.  First and foremost they must have the characteristics and drive we look for in a family/hunting companion.  Each dog we own is healthy, hip and thyroid tested and they all are proven and exceptional hunters.....well before we put them into our small breeding program.  Our puppies are family raised and our priority is to have well socialized, healthy pups.  Our pups require little training.....they carry the natural drive for hunting as our adult dogs.
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